The Cradock Four

Martyrs of The Struggle – Murdered by the Security Forces in 1985

Their noble ideals betrayed by the SACP and ANC government

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Martin and I were very moved by watching your film last night. We are all stirred up and have not stopped speaking about that time, your work and those wonderful living saints whose assassinations have left us so bereft. We salute you and want your film to be seen by many people. It is so respectful, illuminating and beautiful. Let us know when copies are available to buy. – Terry Sacco

Needless to say, I am excited this film was made, which is long overdue, and I commend David for tackling such a historically significant project. – Peter Pedlar, Chief Financial Officer, National Dept of Arts & Culture

Really recommend this! – John Perlman

My man, thanks for a great documentary. – Akin Omotoso

Mike Loewe: Bought a copy from Victoria Manor in Cradock yesterday at the East Cape/Free State SA Freelancers' regional meeting. A brilliant doccie and part of a body of work which ought to question today's kak turn of events and ANC politics. Would like to seen footage of Victoria Mxenge and Stone Sizani's phenominal orations at the funeral.

Libby Dreyer: Saw the Cradock Four at the Biscope in Jhb. What an incredible evening. So many memories of that time. Thank you for reminding us all of the real struggles of a remarkable period.

Saw 'The Cradock Four' at the Film Fest last night . . . Thank you Dave for reminding us that we live in an extraordinary country. I was once again reminded of the incredible brave people that had the guts to pick a stone up against an entire armed army. I was reminded of the remarkable leaders that instigated and brilliantly orchestrated the resistance against unspeakable horrific oppression. I was reminded that we can never compare our country with any other one, as what we have today, was not an accident. It was through bravery and sacrifice that we were all freed from that madness. An extraordinary emotional film, that the film maker bring us through an insightful weave and combination of dramatized incidents along with interviews and exceptional REAL footage, that will make the hair rise on your skin. Bravo Dave. 7 Long years . . . I have only respect for such dedication. A MUST SEE!  – Anita Van Hemert

A few of my colleagues attended the screening of your Cradock Four movie and could not put into words how much the experience meant to them. They were very impressed with your work. As part of our Ubuntu community magazine, we are doing a feature on Heritage Month and therefore will profile the documentary you compiled on the Cradock Four. ‿Lauren Human, Project manager - Managing editor

Rachel and myself have watched the film - it is a really powerful documentary - well done. We would like to distribute it if you are still interested?  – Tendeka Matatu, TEN10 FILMS

We saw David’s Cradock 4 doccie at Nelson Mandela Metro University last night and it was brilliant . . . the whole audience was in tears and he used his speech to campaign against the new media bills saying he wouldn’t have been able to make the film if that law was in place.  – HEATHER ROBERTSON, EDITOR, THE Eastern Province Herald

I've seen the Cradock Four over the weekend. For someone who doesn't know a thing about South African history with apartheid, it was a great film to see. I've learned a lot. The film also made me feel ashamed to be 'white'. I can't comprehend how people can be so cruel towards each other. I know it might sound silly, but I have this with, what I feel is, injustice towards people and especially animals and the planet/environment. It also made me cry, seeing the widows cry, seeing the grief and the pain, still there after all those years. – Karolina Hnilka, Programme Assistant, Movies that Matter Foundation - Amsterdam , Amnesty International's Movies that Matter Festival - The Hague

I was at the screening of The Cradock Four at The Bioscope on Saturday night. Your work and passion is much appreciated. In fact, there are no words to describe the gratitude for the dignity and respect given back to these four men and their families. ‿Anneke du Toit

"Oh heavens - you're an inspiration David. Good to know there are happy endings with the right attitude and perseverance!" – Zephora Haddon

"Viva Forbes Viva!!!!" – Junaid Ahmed

Cradock Four Screenings in Cradock, October/November 2010

David, I am so pleased for you. This makes all your trials worthwhile? Your film restores so much dignity to the people of Cradock. In a startling way you reveal the depth of our losses. Thank you. – Terry Sacco

Greetings from Johannesburg! Recently I heard that a film had been made about the Cradock Four.  I would love to buy a copy.  I am a Dominican sister and was working in Cradock at the time when Matthew and the other men were actively working to change the system.  I never managed to keep up with Nyameka or the other women.  Last year a friend gave me a copy of the book Permanent Removal, which I have appreciated being able to read. Could you please let me know how I can buy a copy of the film. With kind regards and gratitude for the work you are doing. – Mary Tuck

"Thanks for sharing this David. You can be so proud. I know you are but I am too!!!! This is what film should be about..." – Catharina Weinek

Dear David,

Thank you so much for your response.  I would love to buy the DVD from you.  At the moment I am working in Melrose - our office is at St Vincent School for the deaf.  I'm sure I could go past your home and pick the dvd up. I am deeply touched by all you have done to honour the lives of the Cradock Four and the Pebco three. Matthew and Fort and their families were friends of ours and I always value being able to catch up with the families again. Kind regards – Mary Tuck

I took the film back to Hillcrest High School and the history teacher actually came to me to thank me for bringing it back and said what an amazing film it was and that he will be showing it to his matrics every year from now. – Lindsay Gray

Ya David, what a big body of work. Loved the sunset shots but not much commentary on Matthew's link to the Karoo landscape! Some quick responses: The movie makes yesterday and today seem so disconnected. I liked the personal touches and the in-depth research, but I'm very much an Eastern Caper and it felt very national -- despite the local interviews with Khusta, Janet, Judy and Derek. I'm inspired by the piece and wonder where the next chapter should reside: more of an Eastern Cape discussion? More of a national reflection of then and now? Who knows. I'm sure it was a mega task and came with lots of angst and woes, but it's a wonderful addition to our history -- in fact, it makes history all on its own! Congratulations! – Mike Loewe

Melody Emmett wrote "Well done, David! Its a great film."

Hi Dave, I watch doccies all the time for love of genre and to learn. Haven't seen such a powerful / gripping doccie for long time. Was so moved and gripped throughout. I know the struggle history from all sides inside out, my field of research/ passion and did honours History at Unisa focusing on that. One gets complacent and blase about it, I aslo feel disillusioned with current pol climate and started stepping off the subject. However after watching C 4, I was reminded again let us not dwell on it, but to not ever forget our evil past. It was so beautifully done, the way you told the story, the creative use of landscape/windmill and grading thereof, your archive and re enactments flowing seamlessly, only a filmmaker who knows history archive will notice it is re-enactment. The choice of music and sound design was so powerful and greatly evoked emotion. I will buy a DVD, its a must have for personal collection and my boyfriend in CT needs to see it too. Congratulations on your perseverance of 7 yrs and a wife that stood by you. It's commendable. Best regards Rina  

VIVA CRADOCK FOUR!!! David congratulations for the award and hope the whole world will get to see what an amazing story you've waved...Stand tall because you are a mighty warrior! Morena Medi

Janet Cherry: David I gave an interview to a Grahamstown schoolgirl who is doing a project on the Cradock 4 after watching your movie

Gerhard Van Der Westhuizen: (Feb 2013, Namibia) I'm glad I stayed despite technical difficulties in the beginning - a very well-made, disturbing film with insightful interviews.

Joe Tjiho Arafat: (Feb 2013, Namibia) It was a great film, it really taught us the born free on how our elders fought and sacrificed their lives for us to have the life and things that we have now, pity that most of us do not value that.

I personally think Cradock 4 is an enormous contribution to SA historical collection and therefore would love to add it to my study, with filmmakers own voice and not mine. Rina Jooste, Filmmaker and academic.

I thank you for making that wistful, sad, poignant, but inspiring film.  – Shirley Armstrong.