The Cradock Four

Martyrs of The Struggle – Murdered by the Security Forces in 1985

Their noble ideals betrayed by the SACP and ANC government

David captures the abduction scene of the dramatic recreations with a hi-definition camera, while a second camera (see shadow on car door) records the scene in slow motion.

French producer Michel Noll (left), Nyameka Goniwe (centre) and David Forbes (right) outside the Goniwe home in Lingelihle, Cradock.

David briefs sound recordist Mzukisi Mtshiselo about some special sound needs.

Line Producer and First Assistant Director Richard Green waits for David to set up the camera to film  a crowd scene while second cameraman Guilio Biccari (in blue shirt) waits to set up his camera, and camera trainee Liso Makambi takes notes.

A crowd of extras recreate the funeral of the Cradock Four

Production Designer Birrie le Roux (centre) with art dept stalwarts Toure Abu Bakar (left) and Tyrone Keogh (right)

David and Michel shooting in Cradock, September 2009

David sets up a shot under the watchful eye of a group of excited township kids.

2009: David briefs cast and crew for the destruction of records sequence at the dolosse in CT. Production Designer Birrie le Roux listens quietly in the background.

October 2006: David films at the National Archives after winning a High Court order giving him access to the files.

2006: David films solo in Cradock.

An exact replica of Matthew’s car was used as an action vehicle, and then burned to accurately reproduce the events of the story.